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Developing Flexible Leaders, Empowering Teams

The DiSC for Managers workshop is designed to equip managers with the skills and insights needed to lead their teams effectively.  This dynamic and engaging program focuses on enhancing management capabilities through the principles of the DiSC framework, promoting flexible leadership that adapts to various situations and individual needs.

Participants will delve into their management styles, using their DiSC profiles to gain a deeper understanding of their strengths and areas for development.  The workshop emphasizes practical strategies for improving communication, delegating tasks, motivating employees, and developing talent.

Whether you're a new manager or an experienced leader, this workshop provides valuable tools to build stronger, more cohesive teams that achieve outstanding results.



What Participants Learn

Adapting Management Styles:  Identify your foundational leadership style and learn how to adapt it to effectively meet the diverse needs of your team members, improving decision-making and problem-solving.

Effective Directing and Delegating:  Assess your strengths and challenges in directing and delegating tasks, and discover strategies to adapt your behavior for more effective people management.

Motivating and Developing Talent:  Understand what motivates your team and how to provide the resources, opportunities, and environment necessary for their long-term professional growth and development.


“The coaching that Tom provided has been an absolute game-changer for elevating my career.  Just when I thought I'd climbed the mountain, I realized I was still at the base.  Tom walked me through a values exercise that has really opened my eyes to what really drives me and what 'gifts' I bring to the room.  Amazing and insightful, a great tool to have as you reach for the peaks of your leadership!"


Managing Director

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