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Transform Team Dynamics for Peak Performance

Transform from a group of individual leaders focused on their own departments to a unified team working together towards key results with The Five Behaviors Team Development program. This dynamic and comprehensive program is designed to transform team dynamics and enhance overall performance for achieving key results.

Drawing on Patrick Lencioni’s groundbreaking model from "The Five Dysfunctions of a Team," this workshop journey is tailored to foster deep trust, master conflict, achieve commitment, embrace accountability, and focus on results. Available as a condensed one-day session or an expanded three-day series over several months, each format is designed to build a resilient, high-functioning team that consistently achieves outstanding results.

What Participants Learn

Building Deep Trust: Cultivate a safe environment where team members feel confident to be vulnerable and open, laying the foundation for a strong, cohesive team.

Mastering Constructive Conflict: Develop the ability to engage in healthy conflict and debate, ensuring that all voices are heard and the best ideas come to the forefront.

Achieving Commitment and Accountability: Learn strategies to secure genuine commitment to decisions and foster a culture of accountability, driving the team towards shared goals and results.


“The coaching that Tom provided has been an absolute game-changer for elevating my career.  Just when I thought I'd climbed the mountain, I realized I was still at the base.  Tom walked me through a values exercise that has really opened my eyes to what really drives me and what 'gifts' I bring to the room.  Amazing and insightful, a great tool to have as you reach for the peaks of your leadership!"


Managing Director

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