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Respond Effectively to Workplace Conflict

Productive Conflict employs the Everything DiSC framework to transform inevitable workplace conflict into a catalyst for growth. This workshop is aimed at anyone facing workplace tensions, whether it's unease with a colleague, cross-functional tension, or silent but escalating issues. It guides participants through understanding and constructively managing these tensions.


The workshop encourages reflective discussions and exercises to increase self-awareness about personal and observed conflict behaviors. It focuses on preventing destructive responses, thereby turning conflict into a positive force for enhancing workplace dynamics and relationships. 


Starting with the DiSC model and a pre-workshop assessment to identify personal conflict styles, the program emphasizes recognizing and addressing destructive thought patterns and behaviors. Participants learn strategies to reframe and respond to conflict, promoting connection over protection.



What Participants Learn

Enhanced Communication Skills: Develop the ability to communicate more effectively during conflicts, fostering a more open and honest dialogue within the team.

Improved Conflict Resolution: Learn strategies to address and resolve conflicts constructively, leading to more collaborative and harmonious work environments.

Strengthened Team Dynamics: Understand and manage conflict productively to build stronger relationships, increase trust, and enhance overall team performance.


“The coaching that Tom provided has been an absolute game-changer for elevating my career.  Just when I thought I'd climbed the mountain, I realized I was still at the base.  Tom walked me through a values exercise that has really opened my eyes to what really drives me and what 'gifts' I bring to the room.  Amazing and insightful, a great tool to have as you reach for the peaks of your leadership!"


Managing Director

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