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For those who are wanting to reach new heights with clarity and confidence. 

At Trillium, we specialize in empowering leaders at all levels, from high-level executives to mid-senior professionals. Through our 1:1 leadership coaching, we offer a thought-provoking and creative process, guiding individuals on a journey towards authentic leadership. Our approach provides a roadmap to clarity, alignment with your core values, and discovery of actionable strategies for success.

Whether you're a high-level executive or a mid-senior professional seeking to enhance your skills, our leadership coaching is designed to empower you to unlock your potential and lead with authenticity. By doing so, you'll create an environment of growth, collaboration, and personal achievement. We understand the unique challenges faced by leaders across all levels and are committed to helping you thrive in your leadership journey.


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Leading a High Performance Team

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Shifting Culture

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Executive Presence

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Navigating Interpersonal Challenges

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Leading with

Purpose & Vision

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Strengthening Relationships

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With the Pursuit Values Operating System, together, we'll uncover your authentic values and genius, empowering you to envision inspired journeys, fostering creativity, embracing meaningful work, and ultimately paving the way to a vibrant, fulfilling future.

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True leadership is not learned but uncovered and lived from within. As certified practitioners in the Pursuit Values Operating System, this unique tool will assist you in exploring and owning your innate leadership qualities. This process helps you bring your unique purpose to both your professional and personal life. Together, we co-create meaningful and valuable contributions, enriching your journey and paving the way for a vibrant future.

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“The coaching that Tom provided has been an absolute game-changer for elevating my career.  Just when I thought I'd climbed the mountain, I realized I was still at the base.  Tom walked me through a values exercise that has really opened my eyes to what really drives me and what 'gifts' I bring to the room.  Amazing and insightful, a great tool to have as you reach for the peaks of your leadership!"


Managing Director


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